Helping cities to reduce CO2 emissions by bringing AI to intersections

Smart City solutions for Climate Change emergency

Our services

Transportation surveys with automatic traffic data collection and analysis

Automated traffic signal performance measures with retiming recommendations

Real-time traffic optimization based on road users emissions estimation

Our technology

We use the latest advancements in Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence

Our algorithms work in real time on the edge - no need for a connection to a data center

We can utilize existing cameras or install new sensors where it's required

How it works

How it works


Our algorithms detect all road users in real-time. We are able to monitor and if needed optimize traffic flow by dynamically switching traffic lights to lower emissions at the intersection

Affordable solution


If an intersection has signals, it could be made smart instantly, without the need for expensive induction loops. We help municipalities to cut costs in making multiple intersections smart at once
Affordable solution

Easy to install, easy to support


Our solutions work day and night to decrease emissions and congestion

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